Midweek Link Dump

Because the first two weeks of library school means: reading, reading, reading, and reading. Here’s what I’ve stumbled upon (and read) this week:

1). Photo negatives create snapshot of prison’s past: Mark Fullenkamp, director of Web Services at the University of Iowa, visits the Iowa State Penitentiary, uncovers dozens of boxes filled with negatives of intake photos dating back 150 years, begins digitizing them.

2). Fired for Disagreeing & Anti-Israel tweet cost a college professor’s tenure offer to be revoked: Librarians and free speech. Allowed? Discouraged? Two recent cases making headlines.

3). The Library of the 21st Century … is Transforming the Role of Academic Publishing. Enabling Access is what Librarians Do: We’ve been talking about this quite a bit in school. Access to many things – especially academically published, reviewed journals are harder and harder to access unless you have lots and lots of money. How do we work around that?

4). Libraries Can Digitize, But Not Distribute: Coooooooooooooopyright issues. “The right of libraries “to communicate, by dedicated terminals, the works they hold in their collections would risk being rendered largely meaningless, or indeed ineffective, if they did not have an ancillary right to digitize the works in question.”

And an old article, but something we discussed in class: 5). Should Libraries Stock Anti-Gay Books? Libraries don’t operate like supermarkets, or bookstores. They don’t sell. They include. Don’t they? It seems that librarians are always competing with outward forces: stock this, don’t stock this, create the library the way want to see the library. It’s a conversation that will never die. Can a collection be curated that is free of judgement, and all inclusive?

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